Please Please Please

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Move over Bridget Jones, Watch your back Terri McMillan, Babysister has got your number, and she won’t be satisfied till she’s broken every heart in town. Mark Childress, author of Crazy In Alabama


It takes about 15 lines of Renee Swindle’s comic first novel for the reader to realize that this is something special. Maybe it’s the voice of Babysister, the main character, a bright young African American woman of almost unbelievable selfishness, who sets her sights on her best friend’s new man, Darren. Or maybe it’s the sharply observed details, or the ricocheting plot line, or the intelligence underlying Swindle’s lively and versatile prose. Or maybe it’s because, in a field of books described by their publishers as “hilarious,” Please Please Please actually is. Some of the best moments arise when Babysister, a spoiled brat with the ethics of a 10-year-old, tries to locate her stunted sense of right and wrong.

Babysister’s kind, indulgent father and weakling brother are equally well drawn, as is her poor friend Deborah, who has a Bible verse for every occasion except for when her best friend steals her fine-looking boyfriend. Not the wedding invitation, not even the wedding ring, can turn Babysister away from what she wants. This is a naughty and refreshing page-turner from a wonderful new writer. Regina Marler, author, freelance writer for


More praise for Please Please Please…

“Please Please Please reads like a good piece of gossip, intense and dramatic. Swindle’s protagonist will have you either laughing, shaking your head or commiserating with her every new experience.” — Black Issues Book Reviews

“Incredibly, she makes Terry McMillan look tame” — The Baltimore Sun

“Babysister’s dazzling insight gives us a peek at how a man’s words… and deeds are taken to heart, and shows how easy it really is to throw everything by the wayside — including friendship — when blinded by love.” — Franklin White, author of Money for Good